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Colby Yellowstone Cotton Jacket

Colby Yellowstone Cotton Jacket
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Colby Yellowstone Cotton Jacket
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Yellowstone Denim Richards Cotton Jacket

Now, Colby Yellowstone Cotton Jacket is all set to boost up your handsome look. After reading the title name, it becomes clear, we take this inspiration from the #1 trending series Yellowstone. Worn by Denim Richard while playing the role of Richard, a ranch hand at Yellowstone.

The tan brown color that looks authentic to wear, is the courtesy of pure cotton fabric used for the manufacturing procedure of the external covering. Colby Cotton Jacket contains a Yellowstone logo on the front chest side in the dark brown shade. Button cuffs are the ending of long sleeves, for the complete picture look. It can be worn easily in a pull-over style with the help of a smooth zipper fastening closing feature. The inner side has a viscose lining so the Yellowstone Jacket can be worn to stay comfortable, without any hesitation. All these specifications give you a cowboy look vibe. Book your order now, because we soon reached out of the stock. This time we also offer -42% on the actual price.

Product Description For Colby Yellowstone Cotton Jacket:

  • Premium Quality Cotton
  • Long Sleeves
  • Button Cuffs
  • Perfect Tailoring

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