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Delivery Information

Product Manufacturing

After the payment approval, each product takes 6-8 working days. Our team tries their best by working day and night to provide equal services to all our valuable clients. But in case of any natural disaster, current circumstances, or public holiday, there will be a delay in your order’s processing, but we'll contact you via email.

Estimated Delivery Time

Yellowstone Clothes is always anxious to deliver the products as soon as possible because we are willing to make a stronger relationship with our customers. You'll find the best shopping experience from here because we try our best to deliver the product to you within 10 days. We stock a limited number of our most demanding merchandise at our Warehouse, while most are created once we received the order from a client. So they look more appealing without any damage.

Note: There might be any delay in delivery because of public holidays or current affairs of the respective country. But you will be informed if there is any delay in the delivery because of these or any other reasons.

Shipping Access

Instead of any irrelevant services, we use specific delivery services for delivery like FedEx, DHL, and SkyNet FedEx. Postal Service in the USA and RoyalMail within Great Britain.

Confirmation Notification From Us

You will receive a notification from us, about the confirmation of your order within 24 hours. If you missed a confirmation notification check your spam or other folders. You are more welcome to contact us via the given email address if you have not received the notification within this given time period. Keep in mind, your order will not be processed until the confirmation receipt is sent to you.

Delivery Charges

We have a Flat 3.99 dollars rate of shipping for many of the countries but for a few in countries like Japanese Europe, Africa, and South America. The shipping is a little bit more costly, because of the high postage prices in those regions. But for all orders, the shipping is completely free as a gift from Yellowstone Clothes, no matter what percentage of product you get.