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John Dutton Yellowstone Custom Vest

John Dutton Yellowstone Custom Vest
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John Dutton Yellowstone Custom Vest
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Kevin Costner Yellowstone Custom Vest

If you are fond of watching TV series, you must have heard of Yellowstone, which is a famous TV series. There have been four seasons of this TV series in total till now. It was created by John Linson and Taylor Sheridan. Yellowstone started premiering on 20 June 2018 on the Paramount Network. It is not yet available on Netflix, which is widely used all over the world. That's why many people are unable to watch the whole series. 

If you have watched Yellowstone, you must be aware of John Dutton Yellowstone's custom vest. It is a very famous vest which is significantly in demand. This sleeveless vest is specially designed for men that can be worn casually. It looks great if you wear a hat with it, just like Kevin Costner worn in Yellowstone. People who are fans of Kevin Costner are more likely to buy this comfortable vest.

No doubt, Kevin Costner is an outstanding actor, songwriter, musician, and filmmaker. He is well-known for his remarkable work in the industry. He also won many awards for his movies of the 80s and 90s. He played the role of John Dutton in Yellowstone, which attracted the viewers towards his remarkable work, i.e., acting. Plus, his costumes were exceptionally designed, which did not let it show that he is an older man. 

Kevin Costner Yellow custom vest is made up of pure wool, and its inner is made of viscose lining. It is available in different sizes, such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. It is a sleeveless vest that has two pockets at the waist. This vest is available in different colors, but the one worn by Kevin Costner was in orange and grey color. The weight of this vest is 1.5 kg and is available for under 100 dollars. 

You can buy it from any online shopping store such as Amazon, America Suits, etc. You can also get a customized vest by providing the details of your size, such as shoulder, sleeves, waist, and chest. No doubt, wearing this vest indeed adds value to your personality. It is specially designed for men to be wear in slightly cold weather.

Specifications Of John Dutton Yellowstone Custom Vest:

  • Material: Wool
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Closure: Zipper Closure
  • Collar: Stand Collar
  • Sleeves: Sleeveless
  • Pockets: Two at Waist
  • Color: Custom colors

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