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Yellowstone John Dutton Black Vest

Yellowstone John Dutton Black Vest
Yellowstone John Dutton Black Vest
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Yellowstone John Dutton Black Vest
Yellowstone John Dutton Black Vest
Yellowstone John Dutton Black Vest
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Yellowstone Kevin Costner Black Wool Vest

You must be aware of the personality of Kevin Costner, who is just old by his age, but his personality is still young. He always looks fantastic in every dress no matter it is a summer dress or a winter dress. All the costumes of Kevin Costner in Yellowstone were designed by professional and expert designers that caught the eye of the audience. 

The personality of Kevin Costner added more value to this sleeveless vest. He wore this black vest with a skin-grey shirt along with a cowboy hat that made him look more attractive. It is an affordable vest that comes under 120 dollars and is also available in different sizes. You can check the size chart to find the one that matches your size. It is recommended to check the size chart so that unnecessary returns can be avoided, and you can also save time. 

This vest is not specific to gender as it can be worn by men as well as women. It is made up of the best quality of wool that makes it long-lasting as it does not get damaged for many years even if you wear it many times but carefully. It is an inspirational costume for the people who are big fans of Kevin Costner and follow him a lot. You cannot put your eyes off from Yellowstone Kevin Costner black wool vest because it looks incredible in black color. 

The classical collars of this vest look amazing with the branded zip present on its front. Plus, there is also the logo of Yellowstone present on the top-left corner of the vest, i.e.,the left side of the chest. The stitching of this sleeveless vest is also done with fine quality. You should update your wardrobe by buying this great vest and following the fashion style. You should place your order before it goes out of stock. 

Specifications Of Yellowstone John Dutton Black Vest:

  • Material: Wool
  • Inner: Soft viscose lining
  • Closure: Front zipper closure
  • Collar: Stand up style collar
  • Sleeves: Sleeveless
  • Cuffs: No cuffs
  • Pockets: Two waist pockets
  • Color: Black

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