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Yellowstone S04 Mo Brings Plenty Black Vest

Yellowstone S04 Mo Brings Plenty Black Vest
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Yellowstone S04 Mo Brings Plenty Black Vest
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Rainwater Driver Yellowstone S04 Black Vest

In the upcoming fourth season of the Yellowstone series, Moses Brings Plenty spotted wearing Yellowstone S04 Mo Brings Plenty Black Vest. He appeared as Mo which is the role of Rainwater's driver, and bodyguard, who is the Native American tribal chief.

This Yellowstone S04 Vest crafted by using dual types of materials, including the cotton-made external and the viscose lined internal, both of them are durable to wear. Our talented designers especially used these fabrics to make the vest feasible for all four seasons. The pockets are specified on the inner and outer sides, from which two stitched on the internal, one patch on the chest, and two sides on the waist. V-shaped neckline perfectly goes with the button fastening closing, considered as one of the stylish features of the attire. Mo Brings Plenty Vest comes in stunning black color, as the same as shown in the picture. Hurry up, to get the one for you before the release of the season.

Product Description For Yellowstone S04 Mo Brings Plenty Black Vest:

  • High-Quality Cotton
  • Soft Lining Inside
  • Front Button Closure
  • Perfect Tailoring

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